Samyang Buldak 3x Spicy Noodles (5 x 140g) BBD 15-03-2024 Kopen

Samyang Buldak 3x Spicy Noodles (5 x 140g) BBD 15-03-2024

3x spicy hot chicken flavor ramen

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Samyang Buldak 3x Spicy Noodles (5 x 140g) BBD 15-03-2024

Brand: Samyang
EAN: 8801073142978

Samyang has proved itself again with one of the spiciest noedles on the planet. At a whopping 13200 on the Scoville scale, eating these noedles is a real challenge. Do you love spicy food and dare to take a challenge? Then these noodles are definitely perfect for you!

Ready in just 5 minutes.

Samyang Buldak 3x Spicy Noodles (5 x 140g)

Ingredients: Noodles (76,7%): Wheat flour, nodified tapioca starch, refined palm oil, wheat gluten, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin (E322)), acidity regulator (potasium carbonate (E501i)), sodium carbonate (E500i), sodium phosphate dibasic (E339i)), thickener (guar gum (E412)), citric acid (E330), green tea flavor.
Soup (22,7%): Water, soy sauce, white sugar, artificial chicken flavor powder, artificial chicken flavor, chilli pepper powder, soybean oil, decolorized chilli extract, red pepper powder, onion, flavor enhancer (monosodium L-Glutamate (E621)), garlic, modified potato starch, paprika extract, black pepper powder, curry powder.
Flake (0,6%): Roasted sesame, roasted laver


Average nutritional values per:
100 g
1644 Kj/400 kcal
12,9 g
Saturated fat
5,7 g
60,7 g
Of which sugars
7,9 g
10 g
2,7 g

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