Cung Dình Ga Ham Instant Noodles (36 x 65g Bowls) Stewed Chicken

Authentic taste of traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

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Cung Dình Ga Ham Instant Noodles (36 x 65g Bowls) Stewed Chicken

Brand: Micoen Cungh Dình
EAN: 8936010680081

Cung Dinh Ga Ham potato noodles has the taste of stewed chicken and contains a typical spice mix of five fruit broth, creating an irresistible deliciousness. The product in particular provides spiciness in the sauce, which stimulates your taste buds while enjoying. This is a convenient instant noodle product, which is high in calories, giving you plenty of energy and activity throughout the day. The product is conveniently packaged for single use, saving you cooking time and still providing nutritious dishes.
You will receive 36 bowls  of 65 grams each per box.

Cung Dinh Ga Ham (36 x 65g)

Ingredients: Noodles (80.20%): WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), palm oil, tapioca starch, potato starch, salt, sugar, acidity regulator (E452, E500), thickener (E412, E405), color (E101), antioxidant (E307), flavor enhancers (E621, E627, E631). Seasoning sauce (18.21%): water, palm oil, salt, sugar, seasoning powder (shallot powder, black pepper powder, chili powder), onion, garlic, FISH sauce (ANCHOVY (FISH), salt), thickener (E422, E415), glucose, yeast extract , maltodextrin, flavors (chicken, coriander, meat, mushroom), SOY sauce powder (SOY sauce (water, salt, SOYbeans, WHEAT (GLUTEN), colors (E150a, E150c), flavor enhancers (E621, E627, E631), preservative (E202)) , dextrin, salt), acidity regulator (E262, E325, E330), color (E150d, E160c), antioxidant (E306). Vegetable mix (1.59%): textured SOYA protein, dried spring onion. Caution! This product may contain traces of CRUSTACEANS, EGG, MILK, CELERY, MUSTARD, SESAME and MOLLUSCS.

Average nutritional values per:
100 g
1816 Kj/434 kcal
17 g
Saturated fat
6,5 g
62 g
Of which sugars
3,8 g
8,6 g
1,2 g

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